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the energy that reveals the form and texture of everything in existence, has for me never been so beautifully captured than by the ‘Golden Age’ of Dutch painting in the 17th century. The realism and detailed texture of these masterpieces, be they still life, landscape, religious iconography or mundane everyday scenes, has impressed and shaped my own visual language. Their harmonious compositions, with delicate shades of light, and in every way perfectly balanced, are to me always quietly breathtaking.

Using modern digital photographic techniques, my equine portraiture assimilates with this tradition and is in no small part indebted to the magnificent horse portraiture of George Stubbs in the 18th century. My aspiration for this body of work is to photographically modernise a genre which has traditionally been the domain of the oil painter.

Having spent the past 20 years working at the highest level of advertising photography, the ability to control every aspect of my photographs remains paramount. For this work I have chosen to leave the controllable confines of the photographic studio and work with the seemingly unruly elements of weather, lighting, and animal temperament. Using local knowledge, on site exploration, and preparative sketch work, I have found a method which allows me to continue to command every aspect of the photographic process.

Combining modern post production techniques, and established film based technical knowledge I strive to create perfectly harmonious portraits and landscapes.

Every small detail is considered. The intent being to produce striking compositions of immense focussed detail from the camera’s foreground position right through the image to the farthest distance.

Digital photography has allowed me to create huge canvases and be selective with my compositions. By altering perspective and scale and being selective with colour and tonality, it allows me to create an harmonious balance of every aspect of my photographs.

Importantly however, is that the final photograph must stay true technically to the laws of film based photography. My intention for this work is that it bears resemblance to exquisite painting.